Hospital module

Personalize the care of your patients with FasterCare

Develop transport request forms to enrich your patient database.
Adapt your forms to precisely meet the specific requirements and needs of each patient.

Demande de transport
Écran chauffeursÉcran chauffeurs

Export your tours to your drivers' phones

View the itinerary and contact information for all of your patients for the day.
Capture images, save signatures, or jot down observations to be incorporated directly into patients' medical records.

Optimize your trips

Fastercom organizes optimal routes taking into account FasterCare's constraints to minimize the transport time of your patients, while ensuring their comfort and safety.

Optimisation du transport
Suivi sur une map des tournées

Best service for your patients and their families

Patient carers can prepare to receive them thanks to a tracking number that provides them with your arrival time in real time.

Customized reports

Your transport data allows you to monitor your activity and to act for the continuous improvement of your future transport.

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