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Optimization of routes for freight transport | FasterDelivery

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Optimize the transport of your goods in real time thanks to an efficient route optimization software adapted to your needs.

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FasterDelivery, optimal planning of your transport every day!

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Road planning

Faster Delivery uses the settings needed to plan routes for your drivers in just a few moments. Every driver knows exactly which route to take.

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Sending optimized routes to your drivers

Each driver receives optimized routes in real time on their smartphone. Your company can thus reduce its fuel expenses and save time on each trip, among other things.

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Effective control of your billing

Faster Delivery invoices your customers in real time. You also store all your invoices in one place thanks to our software, as well as photos and signatures when goods are received from your customers. Faster Delivery is also equipped with a QR code and bar code reader.

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Reporting the arrival of trucks at your customer's premises

Faster Delivery sends an alert 5 minutes before the truck arrives at the warehouse, so that the teams are ready to unload the truck. Unloading at the customer is optimized and thus helps you save time. Your driver can then get back on the road quickly.

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Performance check for each driver

The software performs a regular performance check to check the number of kilometers driven, reduce empty trips, but also any duplicate trips. The data collected thus helps you to improve what needs to be improved for each of your company's trucks.

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Geolocation of trucks

FasterDelivery allows you to geolocate your trucks throughout their journeys, and to estimate their arrival time at the warehouses or in your company. You know instantly where each truck is.

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Instant access to delivery information

In a few minutes, you have access to information concerning all deliveries in progress, those already made, but also those still to be made.

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Optimizing truck load

The software classifies the packages and visualizes the compartments of each truck to then maximize their loading. In this way, Faster Delivery helps you to make the most of each transport carried out.

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Management in synergy with your IT equipment

Our software integrates perfectly with existing processes and software in your company, so that there is only one application left to manage all your transport.

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FAQ - FasterDelivery

What is FasterDelivery?

FasterDelivery is a route optimization software designed for transport companies. It facilitates the management of goods deliveries by optimizing routes, sending routes in real time to drivers, and improving travel efficiency.

What can I expect during a demo?

During a demonstration, you can anticipate a presentation adapted to your main needs. Our aim is to show you how our solution can meet your specific challenges. If your time is limited, no worries, we will adapt the duration of the demo to your availability, even if you only have 15 minutes.

How does FasterDelivery optimize routes?

FasterDelivery uses advanced algorithms to plan effective routes, reduce travel times and maximize the time spent on deliveries. It also makes it possible to monitor the movements of vehicles in real time and to quickly readjust routes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Is the software compatible with existing GPS devices?

Yes, FasterDelivery is compatible with most common GPS devices. It allows a real-time tracking vehicles and teams, guaranteeing constant visibility on movements.

How long does it take to integrate FasterDelivery into an organization?

La integration time depends on size and specific needs of your organization. In general, our team works closely with you to ensure a smooth and rapid transition.

What type of customer support do you offer?

We offer a dedicated and responsive customer support, available to answer any questions you may have and to help you get the most out of FasterSanté. Our support team can be reached by phone, email, and online chat