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Route optimization for healthcare professionals | FasterCare

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Route optimization software at the service of transport for health

FasterCare is a transport management and route optimization software for health professionals. pour les professionnels de santé, afin de garantir une prise en charge efficace et optimisée de vos patients. Simplifiez la gestion de vos tournées de soins à domicile, transports par ambulances et transports adaptés grâce à FasterSanté.

For whom?

The main targets of our route optimization application are:

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The private nurse who works at home,

who tours on a daily basis. Optimized itineraries would allow him to spend more time with patients and therefore to become more efficient in making appointments at home.

Discover the module dedicated to home care

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Ambulance and hospital transport flows,

for whom it is crucial to optimize travel in order to assist patients and provide them with care as quickly as possible.

Discover the module dedicated to hospitals

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Adapted transport,

which requires a relevant solution in order to minimize mileage and allow patients to be present at all medical appointments in the best conditions and to spend as little time as possible on the road.

Discover the module dedicated to adapted transport

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FasterCare software description

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Plan your routes in a few moments

FasterCare manages the transport of the transport request up to the billing and optimized calculation of your routes so that you can save time.

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Control the billing of your patients in real time

Thanks to FasterCare, you can bill your customers in real time and store invoices in one place. By taking into account your internal billing constraints.

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Book optimized appointments

FasterCare allows you to make appointments optimized according to criteria such as illnesses, schedules or patient constraints.
You thus benefit from appointment time slots that are best integrated into the schedules. In addition, an optimal appointment allows the software to trace even more optimized routes.

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Create a follow-up of patient transport thanks to personalized forms

Combine all the data concerning patient transport requests (shared hospital transport, operational efficiency, reduction of subcontractor costs) by recording their information via a form: medications, special treatments, physical condition, physical condition, next injection date, etc. It's up to you to customize the form according to your needs.
This will allow you to easily access the data of the day's patients. You have the option of integrating photos, remarks or signatures into your patient records.

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Control performance

Create tailor-made reports to check time, monitor fuel consumption or quantify patient visits, for example.
Thanks to the data collected, you have a 360° vision of your activity with your patients. (KPI needs for a logistics manager in the health sector, incident report, optimal utilization rate)

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FAQ - FasterCare

What is FasterCare?

FasterCare is a route optimization software designed for health professionals. It facilitates the management of home care, ambulance transport and adapted transport, by optimizing routes and improving travel efficiency.

What can I expect during a demo?

During a demonstration, you can anticipate a presentation adapted to your main needs. Our aim is to show you how our solution can meet your specific challenges. If your time is limited, no worries, we will adapt the duration of the demo to your availability, even if you only have 15 minutes.

How does FasterCare optimize tours?

FasterCare uses advanced algorithms to plan effective routes, reduce travel times and maximize the time spent with patients. It also makes it possible to monitor movements in real time and to quickly readjust routes in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Is the software compatible with existing GPS devices?

Yes, FasterCare is compatible with most common GPS devices. It allows a real-time tracking vehicles and teams, guaranteeing constant visibility on movements.

How long does it take to integrate FasterCare into an organization?

La integration time depends on size and specific needs of your organization. In general, our team works closely with you to ensure a smooth and rapid transition.

What type of customer support do you offer?

We offer a dedicated and responsive customer support, available to answer any questions you may have and to help you get the most out of FasterSanté. Our support team can be reached by phone, email, and online chat