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What are we doing?

Fastercom offers software solutions in the health sector (TPMR transport, home care, ambulance) with FasterSanté, collection (septic tank, waste collection) with FasterCollecte as well as delivery (home meal trays, goods) with FasterDelivery.

Benefiting from an approach that is at once operational, tactical and strategic, its know-how lies in the optimization of routes, distribution networks and appointments (capacities, frequencies, schedules).

Fastercom is the transport and intervention optimization software that will allow you to facilitate your daily work. It is added to existing software, and you benefit from centralized management of your data.

The software is developed by a team of engineers with extensive experience in the field of road management and optimization.

Our values

The history and values of Fastercom

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Fastercom wants to provide its customers with an IT solution that allows them to better manage their transport activities.

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Our vision is to become a transnational company recognized for its expertise in transport logistics with our customers.

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Investing in our employees is the best way to foster a productive and enjoyable work environment.

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Innovation, synergy and excellence are three strong markers of the company.